Hunting Coven of the Old Craft


Over the years the A.C. have accumulated many Craft tools and artifacts, some we keep hidden because of their sacred nature, others are workaday tools, pictured here are just some of the tools we use for general workings. All the tools we use are handmade, either by ourselves or by very close pagan friends.

These are a few of the masks we use in ritual


A bone hexing wand

Power raising drums

Shamanic rattle

Phallic Wand

Freshly baked bread man for every esbat and ritual

Coven sword

Various athames and working knives

Summoning horn

 Mead horn

Sacred bones

Horned God/Goddess symbol

Various staffs

Incense burner and challice


Goddess and the Greenman


One response

  1. greekseeker

    Very beautiful! I really like the drums the best but their all nice.

    May 8, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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