Hunting Coven of the Old Craft


You are quite welcome to email us if you have any questions, queries or simply want to say hello, but we have tried to answer some of the more common questions that you might have on this page……………

If we haven’t covered your query… then please do email us on

  • Are you a training coven?    I’m sorry, but the answer has to be a bit ambiguous, we are not a training coven in the strictest sense of the term simply because we do not train people who are totally new to the craft. But training in the craft is a life long commitment so training is both given and sought by all.
  • What is the minimum requirements to join your coven ?   We would ask that any potential new members have a basic grounding in the craft, but much more importantly, that they have thoroughly read this website and fully understand our ethos. And that you are local to us.
  • Where are you based ?   We are in an area that covers West New Forest to East Dorset.
  • Do you uphold the Threefold Law ?    We are an Old Craft Coven and so we do not believe in the Threefold Law or the Karma system. As an Old Craft Coven we do not accept the existence of either black or white magic, there is simply Magick and the personal responsibility that goes with it.
  • Is there a minimum age limit ?   Yes there is, we would be unable to accept anyone under the age of 25. Some covens take people who are 18 or over but we could only do that in very exceptional circumstance.
  • What sort of craft experience do I need to have ?  We would hope that any potential candidate would have perhaps explored other forms of paganism, maybe Druidry or Wicca or even been a solitary and to have decided that they were looking for more depth than they had so far found.

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